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FreddiCello Släpsko

  • 1 495 kr

Mfurick designad släpsko i modul format som gör att du kan anpassa den efter dina behov.

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Artikelnummer: TSFC

Levereras i den färg som finns i lager för tillfället. 

Mounts on any cup from Fupa12 up to SSBBW


System Features

Bendable and adaptable to Many Different Welding situations and Tube Diameters

Swivel design allows easy aiming

Removable Pods  you can only use 1 sprayer if you desire


  • 20-40 CFH
  • Taper down the system down to your work piece.  its not going to shoot gas  like your cup does in a strait spray .  At the cup side it should be about even with the end of the cup then angle the system as it gets away from the cup down to your work piece.
  • DO NOT  lay silicon body on hot material
  • DO NOT CUT OR CHANGE LENTHS OF TUBES OR HOSES   Remember gas will flow faster in path of least resistance so a shorter path will  get more gas .
  • Try to allow the system to not be pulled or in tension as you use it , Everything is calibrated to use as it sits in Free form .
  • do not remove screens they are inserted in certain way , If you want to be nosey then please label screens as they come out in order to get good results upon reassembly EVERYTHING MATTERS